Wedding Party


Maid of Honour: Leah Delege


Leah and the bride have been friends for about 10 years. They met while working at A&W together and became instant friends over a Star Tattoo! They went to College together, they lived together and they’ve worked together and they still get along.

Bridesmaid: Beth Helmink


Beth and the Bride have been friends for about 7 years. They met at Ricki’s All Day Grill where Leah and Beth worked. Leah got the Bride a job at Ricki’s and the 3 of them became friends over bellinis and tuxedo cake.

Bridesmaid: Kim Franklin


Kim and the Bride have been friends for almost 3 years. They met through her boyfriend, Peter on New Years Eve at the Brides house. Peter and Kim are the Bride and Grooms Go-To couple for Games Night and just hanging out. UPDATE: Kim and Groomsman Peter are now engaged and will be getting married August 30, 2014! The Bride was asked to be a bridesmaid in Kims wedding and is super excited for the couple:)



Best Man: Dean Brophy


Dean and the Groom have been friends since they met in Grade 6 and became such strong friends in their culinary class in school. They even took a trip to Australia together, and Matt ended up staying there!

Groomsman: Ryan O’Leary


Ryan and the Groom have been friends for about 4 years. They met through their mutual friend Beth (see THE GIRLS) at Ryans New Years Eve party which he was throwing. The Groom missed the memo to “Suit Up” but Ryan looked past this. Even after all this time, the Groom still has no suit, but Ryan and him are still great friends. The Groom will finally have his suit to wear after wedding for Ryan’s next “Suit Up” call and he will be ready!

Groomsman: Peter Hudson



Peter and the Groom have been friends for about 3 years. They met at a New Years Eve party that the Bride and Groom were hosting at their suite. Peter has now become part of the family by becoming much loved by their dog, Brenna and is now called “Uncle Pete”. UPDATE: Peter and Bridesmaid Kim are engaged and will be getting married August 30, 2014 and the Groom was asked to be a groomsman at their wedding! UPDATE: Peter won’t be able to make the wedding as he will be out on ship instead! Will miss him at our wedding but we can’t wait for his and Kim’s wedding which is 3 weeks after ours:)

Groomsman: Tony Cato









Tony and the Groom are newer friends but Tony has proved over and over that he is a great friend to have! They became instant friends over Matt’s homemade hot sauce.


The MC’S

>1239842_10151845208216101_992547053_n (2)

>Lorne (the Bride’s brother) and Debi (Lorne’s Spouse) UPDATE: Lorne and Debi are newly engaged over the holidays!


>Kiona Bayes (the Grooms Niece)


>Christian Loder (the Maid of Honors little man)

>SINGING AT THE WEDDING: Danny Loder (the Maid of Honors husband and friend of the bride and Groom)


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