So Proud of my Mom!

553566_10151906450016842_983609727_nWhen i first got the call from my mom  a few years back and she said those scary words “I have Breast Cancer”, my world just fell. The last time we heard a family member say the scary Cancer word, it was my Grandmother and she passed only a few months after. My life without my mom started to quickly flash before my eyes…Christmas going home, getting married, having kids. What if she didn’t make it and didn’t get to meet the man i wanted to marry? Who was i supposed to call with frantic child raising questions? Weren’t we supposed to become the best of friends after i have a child? And as the tears started flowing, my poor mom on the other line must have felt pure torture to not be able to hug me and make me feel better. As these thoughts were going through my head, a word in the back of my mind was getting louder as my tears were getting heavier… SELFISH. Here my mom is trying to tell my the most scariest thing over the phone, and all i can think about is myself. This made me feel even worse and cry even harder! What kind of daughter was i to not think of how my mom was feeling about Cancer and hear what to she was going to do to fight it. In those moments of selfishness i forgot that my mom didn’t believe in the word “Can’t”.  She would always tell me “that there is no such thing as ‘you can’t'”. This used to infuriate me as a teenager. But now that i am an adult, i realize that not believing the word “can’t” makes you a fighter, which makes you stronger physically and emotionally. My mom is the toughest person i know and would fight this with every breath that she had. And she did. She had her ups and downs but she fought and she won the battle. The war with Cancer will always be there but its the battle that matters! After reading my moms book, i realized i never really knew much about how hard the fight was at times as my mom tried to bring a strong front with her kids. Reading about her pain and about her battles made me appreciate what we have and what we will have in the future. 

The night that i got the phone call, i was getting ready to go out and meet up with my boyfriend Matt, who i had been dating over the past few months. I texted Matt that i couldn’t leave the house since i had received some bad news but that i didn’t want to talk about it over the phones as i was about to cry on the phone all over again. I just walked out of my bedroom with tears in my eyes to tell my roommates and friends Leah and Danny, and after telling them the news they just knew how to cheer me up. They set me up on their computer with our favourite show “True Blood” to get some “Eric” time and put down some dinner in front of me. I wasn’t alone yet i didn’t have to put on a brave face, instead i could just concentrate on watching my favourite character Eric on the computer screen. I will always love Leah and Danny for how they helped me get through that night!

Later on in the night i got a text from Matt stating that he didn’t know why i was upset but that he would love to make me an amazing comfort meal and just talk about it. Going through this with me, i believe, made our relationship stronger as after that dinner i knew that i could tell him my troubles and that he would be patient and caring with me. Later on in our relationship Matt revealed that he knew he was in love with me after that dinner:)


So i recommend that you check out her website  and blog where you can find information about her book “Running From Cancer” so that you can share in her battle with Cancer with tips and recipes to fight against cancer. So proud of you Mom!