Being as we’re tying the knot

Here’s what we ask, hope its not a lot

Don’t go hunting for gifts for our wedding –

Linens, cutlery or glassware…

What we’d would really like is a Money Tree!

To plant out back by the garden gnomes

To grant our wishes to buy our own home

But their out of stock at Home Depot

So dear friends and family, it’s up to you!

We’re saving up for a home so nice,

Please take our soon-to-be-wed advice

That a note or two to boost the bank

Would be received with lots of love and thanks!

Don’t feel obliged thought to donate

Please come help us celebrate!


We have also set up a registry at The Bay Click Here to go to the gift registry page. First click to enter in The Bay registry, then just enter in either the Brides or the Grooms full names and August 02, 2014  for the wedding date. Also, as we were registering, we noticed that a few of the items were on Sale! Always better:)


2 thoughts on “Registry

  1. When you click on the “home for the honeymoon” link, you can’t get into anything….is there a code we should know?

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