About the Couple

THE GROOM – Matthew


Matt was born in Chilliwack, and being in a military family, this meant moving around a couple of times until the family finally landed in Victoria when Matt was in Grade 6 (and this is where he met Dean, *see best man). Matt pursued the culinary arts, moved to Australia, and after a few years he started to miss home and came back (thank goodness!). Matt was the Head Chef at Jam Café when it first opened(see Season 3 of You Gotta Eat Here to see Matt’s episode at Jam Cafe, click HERE to watch the clip!), but recently Matt has headed up to cook at the oil camps up North in Alberta to help plan for the couples future. Matt enjoys kayaking, hanging with friends, getting outdoors, playing with Brenna, and cooking creative meals.


Karly 2

Karly was born in Vernon; the family moved around a bit and when Karly turned 4, they finally put roots down in a small town up north called Houston (no, not Texas). Karly moved to Victoria, when her best friend Leah (*see Maid of Honor) was moving back home with her boyfriend (now husband). They took an Office Administration course together which got their feet in the office business world. Karly now works as an accounting clerk for a construction company that is helping her to gain her Bachelor Administration in Accounting. Karly enjoys reading (her nose is always in a book, real or ebook!), movies/TV, canoeing and playing with Brenna.


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