Wedding Facts


Only 1 more month to go!! We are crossing our fingers for a beautiful sunny day on the Big Day as we are having an outdoor wedding.Our ceremony will be outside by a huge and beautiful tree which will be so pretty! But this means that if its a nice day, guests can be sitting outside for the ceremony underneath the sun with no protection. Good thing we have a tent for the reception, which not only protects everyone from too much sun, it also protects us just in case Mother Nature decides to rain that day. We are prepared, but that means our guests should too!

We recommend the following:
-sunglasses! These are a must as you don’t want to be blinded by our love, right:)
-sunscreen. I like 60 spf, but 30 is also good.
-a hat….Now I’m not talking about a ball cap, as this is a wedding, but for the ladies there are lots of cool and funky hats that can still look formal but keep you in the shade at the same time (see British Royal weddings for inspiration! The crazier the better, right?! Ha)
-a fan
-a light sweater- This will be good for later in the night when it starts to cool down. We do have some outdoor heaters, but its always good just in case especially if it might rain
-for women, flats or wedges for shoes, but if you do decide to wear high heels, the ceremony and reception is all on grass, so I would recommend getting high heel protector caps so that your shoes don’t sink in the grass and leave holes and dirty up your shoes

Some facts about the wedding:

-There will be alcohol at the wedding, but we will only be serving beer, wine and a cocktail chosen by the soon-to-be-wed couple. Don’t forget to bring some cash to tip your bartender!

-We are looking into getting a bus to pick up guests at the Thunderbird Motel to bring guests to the ceremony/reception site and then to bring guests back to the motel at 10pm and 12am. Let me know if this service interests anyone!

-Brenna our puppy will not be at the wedding as she will be at her favourite daycare with all of her puppy friends

-There is parking on site

-Fairburn Farms is about a 20 min drive from Duncan, and it is very bumpy and dusty road for some of it. Keep an eye out for wedding signs on the side of the road


If anyone has any more questions, please don’t hesitate to contact either Matt or myself ¬†at:

See all of you very soon


Karly and Matt