Valentine’s and Cakes

Matt’s here and we only have 5 more visits of Matt coming home before we walk down the aisle. The countdown is on!

The Chef!

The Chef!

Valentines Dinner

Valentines Dinner

Valentines Flowers

Valentines Flowers








This year was our first year of being away from each other on Valentine’s Day. To understand our Valentines tradition, you have to first understand that I love comfort foods. I’m the type of gal who would prefer a steak or a burger with fries over fancy made food any day of the week! Because of this, I’m quite picky of my food; I don’t like anything too crazy, but I will always try it once. Now I can’t promise Matt that my nose won’t crinkle when he tells me what he’s made, but i will at least try it just in case. So now, when Matt makes supper, he tends to stick to foods he knows that i likes. But for Valentines Day, we decided that he can play as much as he wants with the meal, and to be super creative! Our first year, he made me duck in 3 different ways. It was super yummy! This year, when he was home in February, he made me Pesto Lamb with yams and asparagus for our special dinner and the whole plate was delicious and pretty! I usually make the dessert, but this year I wasn’t able to because of time. But we did still have dessert, as the previous day we had a cake consultation for the wedding. We had been to see two other vendors, but once we went to Cakes Etc, we knew that we wanted them to do our cutting cake and our cupcakes for the wedding. Oh, yes, by the way, since I don’t believe we told you, we have opted out of doing a big wedding cake and have decided on cupcakes instead and we will still have a little topper cake for the cake cutting. We have also started to buy the liquor and our spare room is starting to get full of stuff for the wedding! So exciting. We even sampled the wine with our Valentines Dinner, and we really enjoyed the red and the white that we had picked. I hope you like them. We have also picked up our wedding bands this week. Matt went for something he thought he would never get, it was super surprising, but it looks so great on him. He doesn’t get to wear his wedding ring to work, so we wanted a ring that he was in love with so that he would want to remember to put it on when he was off work. Everything is coming together really great:

Cupcake and Cake Samples from Cakes Etc.

Cupcake and Cake Samples from Cakes


Don’t tell my brother, our trainer, that we had these! Ha!

By now, I hope that everyone has looked into booking a hotel (we recommend the Thunderbird Motel, see our accommodation page), as there are about 3 other weddings going on in the Duncan area that same night and there is a small amount of good hotels in Duncan. We are working on the invitations, and we should have those out by April. Lots of little projects to do. Only about 5 months to go!


3 thoughts on “Valentine’s and Cakes

    • He can’t wear this ring to work, that’s for sure. Too many nooks and cranny’s. He could have gotten away with it i’m sure if he had just gotten a simple band, but his band is very different with black diamonds!

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