Happy New Year!

Soon To Be McRae Family

I hope everyone had an amazing holiday and that Santa spoiled everyone. We got to spend a nice quiet Christmas together with Brenna the puppy dog which was really nice. After the opening of presents, we took Brenna to the park to break in her new toy from Santa, which was a soccer ball; A great toy for all of us to enjoy outside. We ended Christmas night with Dinner at Matt’s moms house and went to the theatre to see the Disney movie “Frozen”. PS:  Loved this movie! Matt was a real trouper because this movie is definitely a girly girl movie all about sister love!

At the beginning of the year, you always have to stop and think “where did the time go?” Oh right! Didn’t Matt surprise me by taking us to Seattle for my birthday this year? Friends birthday parties and games nights. Obedience training class for Brenna (she was the youngest puppy there and also was one of the best at learning). A visit from my mom, which included going to Vancouver and going to the Opera first class style.  One of our closest friends getting engaged (and I was there when the ring was purchased! Who knew I could keep a secret like that, ha). Going to said couples engagement party where Matt and I were invited to be a part of their wedding party. I get to be a bridesmaid for the first time, wahoo!  And didn’t my step sister Lindsay get married to a great guy on top of a mountain? I do remember crying during the vows, so yes, that happened. Our engagement photo shoot. Finding the Dress for the wedding. And don’t forget all the school work: 6 midterms, 6 final exams and who can even count the projects and quizzes. Thanks goodness i’m only going to school part time. So much has happened in the year 2013, with Brenna turning 1, Matt getting a new job, me getting promoted and moving desks, and also my little brother becoming engaged over the holidays, also on top of a mountain! I think i see a pattern here in my family with mountains? I got engaged on top of the Cliffs of Moher, does that count? We couldn’t be happier for the newly engaged couple (who are also our MC’s for our wedding!) and can’t wait to officially have Deb in our family.

So now it is 2014! The year of big changes. Not only will I be turning 30 (I so don’t look it) but I will also be marrying my best friend and we will become our own little family. And hopefully, we will also be able to squeeze our honeymoon in as well this year. So now is the time to really start crunching down with all of our little projects for the wedding. Keep an eye on the blog for changes in information and daily updates in the planning (but not too much, since i don’t want to give too much away about what our wedding will be like!)

Love to all,

From our family to yours!