Say Yes to My Dress!

So it finally happened. After what seems like hundreds of dresses (all of them gorgeous by the way!), it seemed like I would never find a dress that fit my vision of walking up a grassy aisle and to find something that I could be comfortable in and look good in to wear all night. After thinking I found a dress in Victoria, my Mom talked me into going up to Lantzville/Nanaimo to try a few stores there (especially the consignment one since she heard such great things about them). So me and 2 of my bridesmaids headed up to Nanaimo in the rain on November 30th (the only day we could get together before it was final exam week and then holidays) and went to two stores. We tried White Bridal Boutique in Lantzville first (after having an adventure and getting a bit lost by our GPS), and the customer service there was amazing. This cute little purple shop (purple is my favourite colour by the way!), and we got to look through all of her dresses that she had. I found a dress where I loved the bottom but couldn’t figure out why I wasn’t loving the top part of the dress. After a while, it hit me….the top reminded me a little of my Grad dress! I ended up walking away without a dress, but we still left happy as the owner was amazing and I would definitely recommend Victoria brides to check it out. You never know! Our second shop was Ladybelle Bridal, and what a different experience. I felt like I was on the show “Say Yes to the Dress”. They asked me for the feel I was looking for and asked me to look through some binders of dresses and point out the ones that caught my eye. My consultant then had us sit and wait while she pulled a few dresses. After trying on the first one, my consultant asked me to name the likes and dislikes of the dress so she would know what other dresses she could pull for me to try.After trying on a few beautiful dresses, it wasn’t until I came out in this one dress that my bridesmaids actually gave me a “Wow” and I knew I should really look at it. It was everything I’ve been looking for, but I kept eyeing this slick lace dress in my dressing room. I tried on this other dress and loved it but it didn’t give me the bride feeling that the other “Wow” dress was giving me. Put some colour to this slick dress and it would just be a beautiful cocktail dress. But the “Wow” dress, made me feel like a bride. It turns out the two dresses I loved were from the same designer Pronovias and Ladybelle was having a Trunk Show of their dresses, which I had no idea. Once I said “Yes” to the “Wow” dress, I found out I was the only Island bride to try on the dress and that the dress was being sent back to the designer in the States the next morning! This just made my dress unique to the Island. A total bonus. I also found out that prices for Nanaimo bridal gowns and alterations are a bit better than Victoria, which was another bonus. In the end, I was shaking when I said “Yes” to the dress, but it could have been from a mixture of 1. finding THE dress 2. having not eaten anything all day 3. paying for the dress! I felt the same way when I purchased my new Mazda car 3 years ago. So right now, I get to wait for confirmation of purchase through the designer and then I will know when my dress will be ready for pickup! Now all I can do is work hard on the exercise program that I signed up with Provision Athletics to look absolutely stunning in my beautiful dress. Can’t wait for Matt and all of you to see THE dress:) Only 8 months to go!


4 thoughts on “Say Yes to My Dress!

  1. Beautifully written Karly. I felt I was right there with you. And I know this is the right dress, no matter what. If it made you feel as you described, you are there. Feel the weight of the biggest pre-wedding hurdle for a woman come off your shoulders and remember everything else is going to be so simple from here on. Time to relax and enjoy the rest of the bride/ride
    . Your “day” can now come as fast or slow as you want. You’re ready! xoxo

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