30th birthday

So my Maid of Honor just turned 30, but SHHHH, keep this a secret between us;) I wanted to do something special for her birthday, especially since it was our 10 anniversary of being friends, which seems so crazy to me since i feel like were still both in our early 20s. So to go big i decided to find her 30 little gifts for her to open and to make sure that each of these gifts were things that she would like and use. I wrapped each gift individually and put stars on them with little sayings explaining the gifts. The stars are because we actually became friends because of a tattoo of a star i wanted. I also wrapped the gifts in the colour of these sweatshirts that we used to wear all the time. These are the few things that i found:

1. An ice basket to keep all of her drinks cold (and to also keep all the presents in one place)

2. a gift card to A&W where we first met and worked together

3. some cute measuring bowls because she loves to bake

4. the book “Divergent”,  which i thought could replace our “Twilight” girls night

5.  Tooth picks

6. a big bottle of wine called “Screw It”

7. a bottle of our favourite liquor

8. a can of coke (don’t forget the mix!)

9. nail polish

10. Yahtzee card game, since we always have games night

11. 30 SPF sun tan lotion

12. an apron

13 – 17. Collection of all natural lotions from Burts Bees, all individually wrapped

18. a Princess pen, because your never too old to be a princess

19. cute cupcake baking cups

20. dish washing gloves, to protect her hands

21. Glo-sticks, for a fun night

22. a loofah for the shower

23. Facial mud packs

24. Oil of Olay Regenerist Revitalising Night Cream

25. Tums, for when her tummy hurts

26. the movie “Beaches”, a great movie from the 80s about friendship

27. a dark chocolate caramel salt bar

28. Salt & Vinegar chips, our favourite snack

29. a picture of us from back in the day in a nice frame

30. A Pandora charm with stars on it




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