Wedding Planning

After the engagement, we still had to get back to Canada and celebrate with friends and family. Being engaged didn’t feel real until we were home. Right away the questions started: How did he propose? Did you know? When’s the date? Will the wedding be here or destination? What type of wedding? What about the colours?. At first we had decided on doing a destination wedding, but after talking to family members, Victoria IS a destination wedding. So we decided to keep the wedding here, which makes it easier for our friends, who we love, to be a part of the wedding. We started looking into venues, and we knew that we wanted our wedding to be outside. Matt had worked at Hotels in the kitchen and has worked a few weddings in his career, and didn’t want the same wedding as the one he’s seen a million times over. We started looking at different venues and found Merridale Cidery. We went to Merridale and fell in the love with the space. It was beautiful, the people were great and the space had everything we were looking for except for one thing, Timing! To be married at Merridale, it’s a ceremony at 4 pm, which is fine, but the party ends at 10 pm. This is great for some events, but both of our families were coming a long way to celebrate and we meant to C E L E B R A T E all night long. Man, this was becoming a lot harder then we thought!! Now we were starting to realize why everyone has their weddings at hotels….because you can party until late! But we were on a mission, we wanted to have our wedding outside, but this didn’t mean our reception had to be. We started looking into community halls and restaurants for the reception and looking at winery’s and cidery’s to have the ceremony at. But both of our hearts knew, that we had fallen for Merridale and the feel that they had. We were so frustrated at this point. Why can’t we find a venue that has the same feel for Merridale, that allows a later party time and is around Victoria (not all the way up island). At this point, I should mention that not only do I work full time, but i had also enrolled back into College. And to top this all off, December 9, 2012, Matt and I brought a puppy into our family!!

Meet Brenna: 295651_10151490189080140_814875281_n


We love her so much! On her first night home, Matt and I were awake most of the night, where as Brenna slept through most of the night (minus the potty breaks)! Now with us both working full time, me going back to school and us both raising a puppy, it was too much to also try and plan our wedding the way we wanted to. It was time to bring in the professionals! We started looking into wedding planners and we found Barb at French Kiss Events! We knew as soon as we meet her that she would be able to bring our vision of an outdoor vintage wedding come to life and that it would be fun as well:) Now our lives can continue being hectic all it wants (bring it on Life), because now we have someone professional to help us! Thank goodness, phew.