The Weekend Roundup

Check us out on French Kiss Events Blog!! They did such an amazing job putting our wedding together!

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Aren’t long weekends lovely….and it was SUCH an amazing weekend for a wedding!! We were up at Fairburn Farmstay & Guesthouse for Karly & Matt’s farm wedding, and although it was ridiculously hot, the day couldn’t have been more fun!!  (And what’s even better, we all successfully managed to stay well hydrated (success!) and even walked away with a good tan!)  Surrounded by friends, family, and water buffalo (yes, water buffalo!), these 2 were able to enjoy everything that we planned over the past year and a half!
K&M-RoundupAnd the cherry on top of the pie that was this incredible day, was getting to spend it with one of the sweetest and most talented photographers over in Vancouver, Christie Graham Photography!!  These sneak peek’s have left me totally speechless…

Matt + Karly preview-4Matt + Karly preview-1Matt + Karly preview-0Matt + Karly preview-6Matt + Karly preview-8 Congratulations to the newlyweds!!!  It was so much fun working with you over the past year and a bit, and I hope…

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Wedding Facts


Only 1 more month to go!! We are crossing our fingers for a beautiful sunny day on the Big Day as we are having an outdoor wedding.Our ceremony will be outside by a huge and beautiful tree which will be so pretty! But this means that if its a nice day, guests can be sitting outside for the ceremony underneath the sun with no protection. Good thing we have a tent for the reception, which not only protects everyone from too much sun, it also protects us just in case Mother Nature decides to rain that day. We are prepared, but that means our guests should too!

We recommend the following:
-sunglasses! These are a must as you don’t want to be blinded by our love, right:)
-sunscreen. I like 60 spf, but 30 is also good.
-a hat….Now I’m not talking about a ball cap, as this is a wedding, but for the ladies there are lots of cool and funky hats that can still look formal but keep you in the shade at the same time (see British Royal weddings for inspiration! The crazier the better, right?! Ha)
-a fan
-a light sweater- This will be good for later in the night when it starts to cool down. We do have some outdoor heaters, but its always good just in case especially if it might rain
-for women, flats or wedges for shoes, but if you do decide to wear high heels, the ceremony and reception is all on grass, so I would recommend getting high heel protector caps so that your shoes don’t sink in the grass and leave holes and dirty up your shoes

Some facts about the wedding:

-There will be alcohol at the wedding, but we will only be serving beer, wine and a cocktail chosen by the soon-to-be-wed couple. Don’t forget to bring some cash to tip your bartender!

-We are looking into getting a bus to pick up guests at the Thunderbird Motel to bring guests to the ceremony/reception site and then to bring guests back to the motel at 10pm and 12am. Let me know if this service interests anyone!

-Brenna our puppy will not be at the wedding as she will be at her favourite daycare with all of her puppy friends

-There is parking on site

-Fairburn Farms is about a 20 min drive from Duncan, and it is very bumpy and dusty road for some of it. Keep an eye out for wedding signs on the side of the road


If anyone has any more questions, please don’t hesitate to contact either Matt or myself  at:

See all of you very soon


Karly and Matt


I’ve been getting a few calls letting me know that the invites have arrived! Welcome to our wedding blog if this is your first time checking in!

By now you might have noticed that their are no RSVP cards with the invites. Matt and I decided to save some trees, and just ask that you RSVP on our page here or just by contacting us. Please let us know no later then June 30 on whether you will be able to celebrate with us in person or if you will be celebrating from afar. Can’t wait to hear from everyone! The day is coming up quick. My dress should be hear at the end of May,  the bridesmaid dresses are ordered and will be here in June and Matt has ordered his suit which should be ready in a week! Can’t wait to see him in his suit.


On their way

On their way


Well, it’s official! I sent out the invites in the mail today, so expect to see your invite in your post box within the next week! Wahoo, can’t wait to hear from all of you to see if we will be able to celebrate this big day together or if you will be celebrating from a far!

Valentine’s and Cakes

Matt’s here and we only have 5 more visits of Matt coming home before we walk down the aisle. The countdown is on!

The Chef!

The Chef!

Valentines Dinner

Valentines Dinner

Valentines Flowers

Valentines Flowers








This year was our first year of being away from each other on Valentine’s Day. To understand our Valentines tradition, you have to first understand that I love comfort foods. I’m the type of gal who would prefer a steak or a burger with fries over fancy made food any day of the week! Because of this, I’m quite picky of my food; I don’t like anything too crazy, but I will always try it once. Now I can’t promise Matt that my nose won’t crinkle when he tells me what he’s made, but i will at least try it just in case. So now, when Matt makes supper, he tends to stick to foods he knows that i likes. But for Valentines Day, we decided that he can play as much as he wants with the meal, and to be super creative! Our first year, he made me duck in 3 different ways. It was super yummy! This year, when he was home in February, he made me Pesto Lamb with yams and asparagus for our special dinner and the whole plate was delicious and pretty! I usually make the dessert, but this year I wasn’t able to because of time. But we did still have dessert, as the previous day we had a cake consultation for the wedding. We had been to see two other vendors, but once we went to Cakes Etc, we knew that we wanted them to do our cutting cake and our cupcakes for the wedding. Oh, yes, by the way, since I don’t believe we told you, we have opted out of doing a big wedding cake and have decided on cupcakes instead and we will still have a little topper cake for the cake cutting. We have also started to buy the liquor and our spare room is starting to get full of stuff for the wedding! So exciting. We even sampled the wine with our Valentines Dinner, and we really enjoyed the red and the white that we had picked. I hope you like them. We have also picked up our wedding bands this week. Matt went for something he thought he would never get, it was super surprising, but it looks so great on him. He doesn’t get to wear his wedding ring to work, so we wanted a ring that he was in love with so that he would want to remember to put it on when he was off work. Everything is coming together really great:

Cupcake and Cake Samples from Cakes Etc.

Cupcake and Cake Samples from Cakes


Don’t tell my brother, our trainer, that we had these! Ha!

By now, I hope that everyone has looked into booking a hotel (we recommend the Thunderbird Motel, see our accommodation page), as there are about 3 other weddings going on in the Duncan area that same night and there is a small amount of good hotels in Duncan. We are working on the invitations, and we should have those out by April. Lots of little projects to do. Only about 5 months to go!

So Proud of my Mom!

553566_10151906450016842_983609727_nWhen i first got the call from my mom  a few years back and she said those scary words “I have Breast Cancer”, my world just fell. The last time we heard a family member say the scary Cancer word, it was my Grandmother and she passed only a few months after. My life without my mom started to quickly flash before my eyes…Christmas going home, getting married, having kids. What if she didn’t make it and didn’t get to meet the man i wanted to marry? Who was i supposed to call with frantic child raising questions? Weren’t we supposed to become the best of friends after i have a child? And as the tears started flowing, my poor mom on the other line must have felt pure torture to not be able to hug me and make me feel better. As these thoughts were going through my head, a word in the back of my mind was getting louder as my tears were getting heavier… SELFISH. Here my mom is trying to tell my the most scariest thing over the phone, and all i can think about is myself. This made me feel even worse and cry even harder! What kind of daughter was i to not think of how my mom was feeling about Cancer and hear what to she was going to do to fight it. In those moments of selfishness i forgot that my mom didn’t believe in the word “Can’t”.  She would always tell me “that there is no such thing as ‘you can’t'”. This used to infuriate me as a teenager. But now that i am an adult, i realize that not believing the word “can’t” makes you a fighter, which makes you stronger physically and emotionally. My mom is the toughest person i know and would fight this with every breath that she had. And she did. She had her ups and downs but she fought and she won the battle. The war with Cancer will always be there but its the battle that matters! After reading my moms book, i realized i never really knew much about how hard the fight was at times as my mom tried to bring a strong front with her kids. Reading about her pain and about her battles made me appreciate what we have and what we will have in the future. 

The night that i got the phone call, i was getting ready to go out and meet up with my boyfriend Matt, who i had been dating over the past few months. I texted Matt that i couldn’t leave the house since i had received some bad news but that i didn’t want to talk about it over the phones as i was about to cry on the phone all over again. I just walked out of my bedroom with tears in my eyes to tell my roommates and friends Leah and Danny, and after telling them the news they just knew how to cheer me up. They set me up on their computer with our favourite show “True Blood” to get some “Eric” time and put down some dinner in front of me. I wasn’t alone yet i didn’t have to put on a brave face, instead i could just concentrate on watching my favourite character Eric on the computer screen. I will always love Leah and Danny for how they helped me get through that night!

Later on in the night i got a text from Matt stating that he didn’t know why i was upset but that he would love to make me an amazing comfort meal and just talk about it. Going through this with me, i believe, made our relationship stronger as after that dinner i knew that i could tell him my troubles and that he would be patient and caring with me. Later on in our relationship Matt revealed that he knew he was in love with me after that dinner:)


So i recommend that you check out her website  and blog where you can find information about her book “Running From Cancer” so that you can share in her battle with Cancer with tips and recipes to fight against cancer. So proud of you Mom!

Happy New Year!

Soon To Be McRae Family

I hope everyone had an amazing holiday and that Santa spoiled everyone. We got to spend a nice quiet Christmas together with Brenna the puppy dog which was really nice. After the opening of presents, we took Brenna to the park to break in her new toy from Santa, which was a soccer ball; A great toy for all of us to enjoy outside. We ended Christmas night with Dinner at Matt’s moms house and went to the theatre to see the Disney movie “Frozen”. PS:  Loved this movie! Matt was a real trouper because this movie is definitely a girly girl movie all about sister love!

At the beginning of the year, you always have to stop and think “where did the time go?” Oh right! Didn’t Matt surprise me by taking us to Seattle for my birthday this year? Friends birthday parties and games nights. Obedience training class for Brenna (she was the youngest puppy there and also was one of the best at learning). A visit from my mom, which included going to Vancouver and going to the Opera first class style.  One of our closest friends getting engaged (and I was there when the ring was purchased! Who knew I could keep a secret like that, ha). Going to said couples engagement party where Matt and I were invited to be a part of their wedding party. I get to be a bridesmaid for the first time, wahoo!  And didn’t my step sister Lindsay get married to a great guy on top of a mountain? I do remember crying during the vows, so yes, that happened. Our engagement photo shoot. Finding the Dress for the wedding. And don’t forget all the school work: 6 midterms, 6 final exams and who can even count the projects and quizzes. Thanks goodness i’m only going to school part time. So much has happened in the year 2013, with Brenna turning 1, Matt getting a new job, me getting promoted and moving desks, and also my little brother becoming engaged over the holidays, also on top of a mountain! I think i see a pattern here in my family with mountains? I got engaged on top of the Cliffs of Moher, does that count? We couldn’t be happier for the newly engaged couple (who are also our MC’s for our wedding!) and can’t wait to officially have Deb in our family.

So now it is 2014! The year of big changes. Not only will I be turning 30 (I so don’t look it) but I will also be marrying my best friend and we will become our own little family. And hopefully, we will also be able to squeeze our honeymoon in as well this year. So now is the time to really start crunching down with all of our little projects for the wedding. Keep an eye on the blog for changes in information and daily updates in the planning (but not too much, since i don’t want to give too much away about what our wedding will be like!)

Love to all,

From our family to yours!